Nanhai Nude Mice Testing Platform

Anticancer Drug Screening
Our advantages:

  1. We are the largest experimental platform for nude mice in southern China
  2. We can offer the integration services for antitumor drug screening
  3. We have provided high quality services for dozens of units more than 200 times
  4. We have established the cancer cell bank



Provided by Customers



Design and Consulting

Anti-cancer Drug Screening

Drug information

1 week

Experimental plan

Screening Assay in Vitro

Medicine Sensitivity Test

Cell, Drugs

2 weeks






Test report

Five Cancer Cell lines


Five Drug Resistance Cell Lines


Evaluate Anticancer Activity in Vivo(nude mice xenograft model)

Human Liver Cancer




Drugs, Drug dosage



6 weeks

Human Lung Cancer

Human Stomach Cancer

Other Human Cancer Cells (more than 60)


Evaluate Anticancer Activity in Vivo(tumor mouse model)

Ascitic hepatoma cell H22

S180 Sarcoma

L1210 Leukemia

Lewis Lung Cancer

Establish Cancer Models

Solid Tumors

Tumour size

4 weeks

Tumor mice,Certification


Days for model

Molecular Biological Detection


Mechanism of drugs

Acute Toxicity Test

Acute Toxicity

Drug information