The Laboratory of Comparative Medicine

1. Toxicology
Experimental animals:

(4)Guinea Pigs

Our regular services:

(1)Single-dose toxicity study
(2)Repeated–dose toxicity study
(3)Carcinogenic test
(4)Hypersensitivity test (local, systemic and photosensitive toxicity)
(5)Hemolytic and Local stimulus (blood vessels, skin, mucous membrane, etc.)
(6)Systemic delivery of local and special safety test
(7)Immunogenicity test
(8)Reproductive toxicity test
(9)Genetic toxicity test
(10)Safety pharmacology test

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Blood pressure meter
(2)Ultraviolet spectrophotometer
(3)Super-clean workbench
(4)Pure water
(5)Tissue homogenate machine
(6)Multifunctional high-speed refrigerated centrifuge
(7)Aseptic filtration system
(8)Carbon dioxide incubator
(9)Minus 80 degree refrigerator
(10)Liquid nitrogen
(11)Inverted microscope
(12)IUL colony counter
(13)Biochemical incubator
(14)High pressure sterilization
(15)Stereo microscope
(16)Y type maze
(17)Multifunctional independent activities machine
(18)Physiological recorder

2. Pharmacology
We involved in multiple systems:

(6)Blood disease
(14)Family planning

Our strength:

(1)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of antitumor drugs
(2)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of cardiovascular drugs
(3)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of immune drugs
(4)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of anti-inflammatory drugs
(5)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of hypoglycemic effect
(6)Pharmacodynamic evaluation of digestive drugs

Our regular services:

(1)General pharmacology
(2)Secondary pharmacology
(3)Safety pharmacology
(4)Additional safety pharmacology

3. Pathology
Our advantages:

(1)According to pharmaceutical non-clinical research and the quality management standard (GLP)
(2)Strictly implement the standard operating procedures (SOP)

Our relevant facilities:

(1)Autopsy room
(2)Specimen room
(3)Pathological specimen room
(4)Microscopic examin room

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Automatic dewaterer
(2)Tissue embedding machine
(3)Rotary microtome
(4)Drying machine
(5)Biological microscope
(6)Pathological imaging system

4. Cell Culture
Our regular services:

(1)Cell toxicity test
(2)TK gene mutation test
(3)Cell Growth (determined by MTT assay)
(4)The lymphocyte transformation test in the diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity
(5)Chromosome aberration test in bone marrow cells

Commonly used cell lines:
A549, HepG2, Hella, Hep-2, Tca-8113, CNE-2, H22, Lovo, L929, YAC-1, etc.
Our relevant instruments:

(1)Pure water
(2)Carbon dioxide incubator
(3)Inverted microscope
(4)Liquid nitrogen
(5)Aseptic filtration system
(6)Super clean workbench

5. Molecular Biology
Our relevant instruments:

(1)Automatic separation of nucleic acid protein chromatography
(2)Constant Temperature Magnetic Stirrer
(3)Gel imaging system
(4)Gradient PCR instrument
(5)Ultraviolet crosslinker
(6)Electrophoresis apparatus
(7)Vacuum transfer apparatus
(8)Gel Dryer

6. Inspection Analysis
Our regular services:

(1)Blood samples
(2)Body fluids
(3)Urine samples
(4)Clinical blood routine
(5)Biochemical detection
(6)Clinical urine routine

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Automatic biochemical analyzer
(2)Fully automatic blood cell analyzer
(3)Enzyme standard instrument & 1575 washing machine

7. Operation
Our relevant instruments:

(1)Shadowless lamp
(2)Portable ultraviolet disinfection
(3)Operating table
(4)Surgical equipments
(5)Physiological diagnostic apparatus
(6)Breathing machine

8. Microbiology
Our regular services:
Microbiological detection

(2)Bordetella bronchiseptica
(4)Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(5)Tyzzer's organism
(6)Pasteurella pneumotropica
(7)Klebsiella pneumoniae
(8)Staphylococcus aureus
(9)Corynebacterium Kutscherl
(11)Toxoplasma gondii
(13)Flagellate intestinal

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Super clean workbench
(2)Biological microscope
(3)Portable sterilization pot
(4)Enzyme standard instrument

Testing Animal: Rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits

9. Nutrition
Our regular services:

(1)Production of feed, production of compound feed
(2)Feed processing for Animal models
(3)Composition analysis for feed
(4)Feed modulation and quality testing
(5)Feed nutrition analysis

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Kjeldahl determination apparatus of nitrogen
(2)Crude fiber analyzer
(3)Crude fat analyzer
(4)Oxygen bomb calorimeter
(5)Aflatoxin analyzer
(6)UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
(7)Muffle furnace
(8)Feed mixer
(9)Feed pelleter

10. Environics
Our regular services:

(1)Environmental monitoring for barrier facilities
(2)Dynamic monitoring for environmental indicators
(3)Air dust particle counting
(4)Ammonia concentration test
(5)Wind speed test
(6)Falling number of bacteria
(7)Intensity of illumination and noise
(8)Pressure monitoring
(9)Constant temperature and humidity testing

Our relevant instruments:

(1)Atmospheric ammonia concentration meter
(2)Dust particle detector
(3)Digital sound level meter
(4)Illuminance meter
(5)Hot-wire anemometer
(6)Micro differential pressure monitor

11. Pyrogen
Our regular services:
Pyrogen test
Our relevant instruments:

(1)Direct-view thermal imager
(2)Digital display thermostat bath oscillator

Animal species: Rabbit