Order methods


1. Order Animals and Animal Models

Order animals and animal models


(1)   Order by phone:
Tel: 020-81437391, 020-81122060, 0757-85938430
(2)   Order by fax:
Fax: 020-81157345
(3)   Order by Email: 
Note: (1) The inbred animals are selling by age (weeks old). We will try to ensure the uniform animal body weight.
(2) The closed colony animals are selling by body weight.


2. Laboratory Services and Order Cell Lines

Technical services, Laboratory services and order cell lines


(1)   Contact by phone:
Tel: 020-81113260
(2)   Contact by fax:
(3)   Contact by Email:
E-mail: gdmlac@gmail.com
Note: (1) Please contact us for your needs. We will inform you the service cost after we received your order.
(2) The cost depends on your service content and your needs.
(3) We will sign an service agreement before your payment.


3. Our Address

You also can order our products and services through face-to-face talks.

Our Address
119 Poyang Road, Huang Qi Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Zip code