Pharmacodynamic Evaluation


What can we do?
(1)    Drug screening
(2)    Pharmacodynamics research
(3)    Pharmacological effects
(4)    Effect evaluation of medical equipments

Drugs Major studies  
1 Cardiovascular System Including reduce blood pressure, hypolipidemic effect, anti-atherosclerotic effect, anti-ischemia, etc
2 Immune System Including enhance the immune response, inhibit the immune response,etc
3 Anti-tumor System Including activity screening, etc
4 Nervous System Including anti-Alzheimer's, anti-Parkinson's, anti-aging, improve learning-memory,etc
5 Endocrine and Nutrition System Including blood glucose- lowering, prevention and treatment of diabetes, lose weight, etc
6 Reproductive and Urinary System Including family planning, fetus protection, Kidney-tonifying, anti-inflammatory, etc
7 Digestive System Including stomach-tonifying, liver-protection, anti-ulcer, etc
8 Anti-inflammatory System Including antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, etc

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