Induced Animal Models


Over the past 30 years, we have succeeded in inducing 70 animal models of human diseases, they covered tumor, cardiovascular, endocrine and nutrition, nerves and geriatrics, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. We currently are the largest rodent model base in southern China.

What animal models we have induced successfully:


Model System Number Models
Tumor M001 Nude mouse model of Breast cancer
M002 Nude mouse model of Hepatocellular carcinoma
M003 Nude mouse model of Lung cancer
M004 Nude mouse model of Cervical cancer
M005 Nude mouse model of Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
M006 Nude mouse model of Laryngeal carcinoma
M007 Nude mouse model of Tongue carcinoma
M008 Mouse model of liver cancer
M009 Mouse model of Sarcoma
M010 Mouse model of Leukemia
M011 Rat model of Bladder cancer
M012 Rat model of Liver cancer
M013 Rat model of Mammary gland hyperplasia
M014 Rat model of Breast cancer
M015 Rabbit model of VX2 liver cancer

2. Cardiovascular System

Model System Number Models
Cardiovascular System M016 Rabbit model of acute myocardial ischemia induced by Coronary artery ligation
M017 Rat model of heart failure induced by abdominal aortic coarctation
M018 Rat model of Spontaneously Hypertensive
M019 Rabbit model of Hyperlipemia induced by high-fat diet
M020 Rat model of Hyperlipidemia induced by high-fat diet
M021 Rabbit model of Atherosclerosis induced by high-fat diet and balloon injury
M022 Rat model of Atherosclerosis induced by Vitamin

3. Digestive System

Model System Number Models
Digestive System M023 Rat model of acute liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride
M024 Rat model of liver injury alcohol
M025 Rat model of liver fibrosis induced by Carbon tetrachloride
M026 Rat model of liver fibrosis induced Bile duct ligation
M027 Rat model of Cirrhosis Carbon tetrachloride
M028 Rat model of acute gastric ulcer induced by Hydrochloric acid and Ethanol, Rat model of acute gastric ulcer induced by stress
M029 Rat model of gastric ulcer induced by Reserpine, Rat model of gastric ulcer induced by Indomethacin
M030 Rat model of chronic gastric ulcer induced by acetic acid
M031 Rat model of ulcerative colitis induced by DDS, Rat model of ulcerative colitis induced by TNBS Enema
M032 Mouse model of diarrhoea induced by Senna

4. Endocrine and Nutrition

Model System Number Models
Endocrine and Nutrition M033 Rat model of Type II diabetes induced by streptozotocin and high-fat diet
M034 Rat model of Type I diabetes induced by streptozotocin
M035 Rat model of Diabetic vascular lesions
M036 Rat model of Diabetic nephropathy
M037 Rat model of fatty liver induced by high-fat emulsion
M038 Rat model of obesity induced by high-fat diet
M039 Mouse model of obesity induced by high-fat diet
M040 Rat model of anemia induced by low-iron diet

5. Reproductive and Urinary System

Model System Number Models
Reproductive and Urinary System M041 Rat model of prostatitis induced by carrageen glue
M042 Rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome induced by Androgen and HCG
M043 Rat model of kidney-dysfunctional abortion induced by Hydroxyurea and aspirin
M044 Rat model of kidney-dysfunctional polyuria induced by Adenine
M045 Mouse model of kidney-dysfunction induced by hydroxyl urea
M046 Rat model of high uric acid induced by adenine
M047 Mouse model of premature ovarian failure induced by zona pellucida 3

6. Respiratory System

Model System Number Models
Respiratory System M048 Rat model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) induced by smoke
M049 Nude mouse model of asthma induced by OVA
M050 Rat model of chronic bronchitis induced by smoking
M051 Rat model of airway hyperreactivity induced by Ozone and OVA

7. Skin Diseases

Model System Number Models
Skin Diseases M052 Rabbit model of Burn
M053 Rat model of Burn
M054 Miniature pig model of Burn
M055 Mouse model of Purpura
M056 Mouse model of Spontaneous lupus erythematosus

8. Nervous System and Aging

Model System Number Models
Nervous System and Aging M057 Mouse model of sub-aging induced by D-galactose
M058 Rat model of sub-aging induced by D-galactose
M059 Mouse model of Alzheimer's by genetically modification

9. Other Models

Model System Number Models
Other Models M060 Rat model of Braking stress
M061 Rabbit model of Mechanical cornea injury
M062 Beagle model of Mechanical corneal damage
M063 Rabbit model of Dry eye
M064 Rat model of Osteoarthritis
M065 Rat model of Osteoporosis induced by castration
M066 Model of Fracture
M067 Rat model of Sepsis induced by endotoxin
M068 Model of Sleep apnea hypoventilation Syndrome induced by hypoxia
M069 Mouse model of leucopenia induced by cyclophosphamide
M070 Mouse model of low immunity