Rat Tail Collagen



Product name: GDMLAC® Collagen type I from rat tail—Bio-Reagent, Suitable for cell culture, sterile-filtered  

Source: Rat tail tendon

Quantity: 10 milligrams protein

Concentration: 5 mg/mL

Formulation: 6 mN Acetic acid


Product Specification:

Test Specification

Appearance (Color)


Appearance (Turbidity)

Clear to Slightly Hazy

Appearance (Form)


Sterility (Direct Inoculation)



>95% (SDS-PAGE)


2 mL


5 mg/mL


6 mM acetic acid



Expiration date period

1 year

Amino acid analysis



Characteristics: The product is a safety, quality and reliable natural carrier to promote cell attached growth good.


Quality standard: GDMLAC®Collagen I from rat tail solution remains in 4 degrees Celsius in freezer, 1 years of guarantee period. Amino acid content analysis meet three characteristics

(1) Cystine and tryptophan content is extremely low

(2) Glycine contents nearly a third

(3) Containing hydroxy proline and hydroxide lysine (other protein doesn’t contain),reach to level of electrophoresis Purity. The purity of electrophoresis is the same as the SIGMA goods


Application: GDMLAC® Collagen I from rat tail can be used in the envelope cell  culture vessel, cultivate not easy adherent cells in ordinary cell culture vessel, Also can be used in the preparation of 3D glue, simulate real growth environment, making the cells in the 3D environment growth


Unlabled use: GDMLAC® Collagen I from rat tail not only play the role of anchor and support, but also for the growth of cells to provide suitable microenvironment, actively participate in the cell migration, differentiation and proliferation and cell behavior. It can prepare absorb suture line, hemostatic sponge, hemostatic band-aid, replaceable biological tissue


Stability: The product ships on wet ice and storage at 2–8 °C is recommended. Aliquots that have been diluted to a working concentration may be stored at 2–8 °C for up to 2 weeks. Do not freeze

Develop products: Adsorbed cell’s culture dish, absorb sutures, hemostatic sponge, corneal trauma material, organization alternative materials, artificial skin, nerve conduit, etc.


Description: On release this product has been successfully gelled over a wide range of dilutions and will form a firm gel up to a dilution of 1:10. Further dilution may decrease the rigidity of the gel as will the time from manufacture.